We are equally available to all persons without regard to age, sex, race, color, national origin, sexual orientation, HIV status, marital status, physical or mental status, disabilities, or religious preference.

About Us

Green Horizon Hospice Services aims to  provide care for the terminally ill and their families, in an atmosphere in which life can be completed with comfort, compassion and dignity. This commitment to care provided during the terminal phase of the illness extends through the bereavement period for the family. Our commitment extends to safeguarding human dignity and the integrity of the person's support system.


We provide care wherever the patient calls home and gives special attention to:

  • Making our patients more comfortable by relieving pain and other symptoms.
  • Social needs by encouraging special time with family and friends. Our social workers can help patients put their financial matters in order.
  • Emotional needs of the entire family by helping them cope with loneliness, isolation, and the fear of being abandoned.
  • Providing honest and compassionate answers to questions, and by encouraging them to express their thoughts and feelings.
  • Spiritual needs by encouraging them to share time with the Hospice team, members of the clergy, their minister, priest or rabbi.


Mission Statement