Services are provided in the most cost-effective manner possible.

Reimbursement for Hospice Care is available from:

  • Government Insurance Plans (such as Medicare & Medical)
  • Private Insurance Plans
  • Private Payor

Who Pays for Hospice Care?

  • A person with a confirmed diagnosis of a terminal illness and a limited life expectancy.
  • A person who has been informed of the diagnosis and understands that Hospice Care's goal is to provide comfort rather tha a cure.
  • A patient with family members or other reliable caregivers who will share responsibility with the Hospice Team for care at home.
  • Pain control and supportive management of symptoms
  • Support and assurance that patients and family members are not alone. Fear, loneliness, anxiety, worry and feelings of helplessness may send a family into despair. Hospice can prevent or relieve that despair.
  • Being in control keeps spirits up so that a person can make the most of each day and concentrate on living.

Person with life-limiting illness receive benefits from Green Horizon Hospice Services that are not available in a traditional health care setting of curative care. When curative care is no longer appropriate, our Hospice program enables a terminally ill person to decide how and we here the rest of his or her life should lived.

Our services include,

                       but are not limited to:

How are services initiated?

Who is eligible?

How are services initiated?

Please call Green Horizon Hospice Services at (818) 626-9995 to inquire about Hospice Care.

This call may be initiated by the individual seeking hospice care, the person's family, loved ones, or the physician.